Sapporo Sushi InsiderWorkshop

Sapporo Sushi InsiderWorkshop

Place  : Sapporo City, Sapporo Fish Market
Price  : $89.99
Time  : 3 hours (8:00am ~ 11:00)
Contents : Sapporo Fish Market Tour, fish filleting show, Sushi making class, Sushi lunch, Informative lectures about fish seasonality and sushi culture


*The Sapporo Sushi InsiderWorkshop has a minimum reservation of five people. If the number of participants reserved the day is less than five on three or two days before the workshop, we will decide not to hold the workshop and refund the amount. Reservation itself is always available from one person.

*Children under 9 years old can take part in our tour at a discounted price. Please contact us if you have any child/children under 9.

*If you would like to have private tour, please inform us about it by email. Private tours are available with a reservation of six spots. Even if your group is smaller than six people, we could make the reservation private with the equivalent amount of six people.