The Hokkaido Sushi InsiderWorkshop is lead by insiders of the sushi culture. As such, it is one of the best and most interesting ways to broaden your Japan experience, while learning to enjoy the delicious goodness that Japanese cuisine has to offer.

The half-day workshop we offer is aimed at those who want to know not only how to prepare sushi, but also how to plan, procure ingredients and present them in the most appealing manner.

Since our workshop is taken place in Hokkaido, the treasure box of seafood in Japan, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the highest quality of the Sushi culture.

All classes are beginner friendly and are offered in both English and Japanese. We look forward to meeting you and giving you a thorough and comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the world of sushi.

Why Hokkaido Sushi InsiderWorkshop?

1. Procure the best possible seafood directly from local fish market or port in Hokkaido.

2. Using the authentic sushi ingredients, get taught how to make sushi by masters in workshops style.

3. BEST INGREDIENTS × SUSHI MASTER × HOKKAIDO and savor the best sushi as much as you can.

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